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All ceramic tiles are stain resistant and require very little
maintenance. A basic maintenance program would be to dust mop and
spot-mop as necessary, then mop with a cloth-mop and neutral cleaner on
a regular basis. However, some tiles will have better dirt hiding
capabilities than others, and some will be easier to maintain than

Dirt hiding capabilities
Tiles with texture and multiple colors will hide dust and dirt better
than tiles with smooth, monochromatic colors.

Slip resistance
A ceramic tile surface is more slip resistant than almost any other
flooring surface. However, be aware that an abrasive surface will
require an occasional deep cleaning.

Glazed ceramic tile floor will never need sealing, waxes or coatings of
any kind. Some through body porcelain tiles may; check with the
porcelain manufacturer to verify requirements.

Tracked in dirt is abrasive and can damage your floor tile. Sweep floor
regularly to prevent loose dust & abrasive particles from scratching
your floor. Sweep floor with a dust mop or vacuum sweeper (without a
beater brush or bar).

Mop floor weekly to maintain appearance using a string or cloth-type
mop. Sponge mops can streak your floor and shouldn’t be used. Clear
water or neutral pH cleaners are recommended for ceramic tile and grout
surfaces. Follow manufacturer instructions on cleaning and rinsing for
best results. Protect your investment

Keep this in mind
Your ceramic tile can be maintained with minimal effort. Follow these
basic care and maintenance guidelines and your floor will retain its
beauty for years to come.