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Everyone’s talking GREEN and at Creative Surfaces, Inc. we don’t just talk it — we build it. Over the past several years, we have created several projects for our customers utilizing GREEN products.

First, is the PaperStone countertop we designed and built for a Sioux Falls interior designer, Sue Hitt. This tough and rock solid product has a lustrous, satiny sheen with a leather feel —­ a great choice for kitchens, commercial and residential uses. PaperStone is made from cellulose fiber (paper) and a non-petroleum, water-based phenolic resin derived in part from a natural phenolic oil in the shells of cashews. It is an amazing material that fits your lifestyle and respects the environment.

bottom countertop

Second, is the Kirei (pronounced Key’-ray) Board island top created for the pool house of Joel and Kim Hove. Kirei Board is manufactured from raw stalks of sorghum, an edible grass grown around the world. After harvesting the grain for food, the stalks are compressed, washed and woven into sheets. These sheets are then stacked and heat-pressed with a formaldehyde-free adhesive to create blocks which are cut to the desired size. Kirei Board is a strong, lightweight and durable product that is an environmentally friendly substitute for wood ­— usable in furniture, cabinetry, casework and interior design elements.

kerei countertop

Kirei Board works well in commercial environments as well, such as the Cherapa building in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. The file drawers are all finished with Kirei Board tops.

middle countertop