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We love our Cambria Bradshaw Quartz countertops.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it was working with the Stone Center for our new countertops.  My husband and I purchased a condo that really needed a completely new kitchen.  We were able to save the cabinets by painting them.  

In working with Amy your designer, she assisted us in selecting Cambria Bradshaw quartz as well as a beautiful mosiac backsplash to coordinate the new countertops and our cabinet paint color.  One reason we selected the Cambria Bradshaw is because of the copper flecks that dust the surface of Bradshaw like the stained glass.  It was a reminder of the stained glass in our grandmother’s home.  Also the whirling fusion of taupe, tan, black and shimmering copper elevate this captivating neutral to standout status.  Another reason being that my husband and I do a great deal of entertaining.  We wanted a product that was virtually maintenance free.   With our new Cambria, all we do is wipe it down with a little warm water and mild soap.  We appreciate that our countertops are more durable than any other.  We never worry that it will scratch, chip, or stain.

Your installers were prompt and professional.  The whole process went very smoothly.  We are so thrilled with our remodeled kitchen and if anyone is looking to remodel or replace their kitchen countertops we will highly suggest they visit the showroom and gallery at Creative Surfaces.   Thank you.